Our Services

As a complement to our raw materials supply chain services, we offer our clients other services, which allow us to increase the value we add to their production processes and to their companies in general.

Integrated logistics solutions

Based on our experience, we offer our customers integral logistics solutions, which allow us to ensure the supply at competitive costs.

We offer several modes of maritime shipments, ship-unloading operations, storage in our bonded warehouse, inventory management in our warehouses near consumption centers, as well as just-in-time deliveries.

Technical assistance (“Know How”) and post-sales service

In every single industry that we serve, we have experienced and technically-trained staff to offer our customers the proper technical assistance and support, which allows us to add value to the supply of raw materials and to support our customers’ innovation and improvement processes.

Financing alternatives

We offer our customers several financing alternatives, which include inventory management, just-in-time deliveries, and several payment-term alternatives.